MyERAS Application
Review & Editing

  • Evaluate each of the most crucial written sections of the MyERAS Application
  • Edit and correct any unclear, or unhelpful language or content based on a research-based MyERAS Application Protocol Checklist
  • Return to you a finished and fully edited copy, complete with Expert feedback

Personal Statement
Review & Editing

  • Evaluate the entire document for the most important aspects of the Personal Statement
  • Edit your statement for grammar, spelling, negative content, tone, specialty specific focus and more
  • Return to you a brilliant Personal Statement that is guaranteed to benefit you when you apply to residency programs

Letters of Recommendation
Review & Feedback

  • Assess each Letter of Recommendation for proper format, beneficial content, and overall strength of the Letter
  • Compile Expert comments and feedback into an easy to follow summary
  • Return to you an evaluation of each letter submitted with suggestions for improvement

Residency Document Editing Services

NEW! Residency Document Editing is designed to help optimize the content and impact for the following: Letters of Recommendation, Follow-Up Letters, Thank You Letters, Cover Letters, Letters of Intent, and General Letters of Communication. At this time, we do NOT edit MSPEs.

Ok, so Why Residency Experts?

Well, lots of reason, but mostly because...

Experienced Review Team

What is a residency application service without an experienced, well-trained, energetic, and outstanding team? Each member of the Residency Experts team is hand picked from a talented pool of qualified professional writers and former medical professionals, and carefully educated in every aspect of the medical residency application and process. After learning everything there is to know about the medical residency application, Experts also undergo specialized training to acquaint them with the unique protocols, systems, checklists, and logistics of the Residency Experts system. Each Residency Expert is guaranteed to be hardworking, experienced, educated, and enthusiastic in supporting the dreams of residency candidates.

In-house protocol checklists

Residency Experts blends the benefits of many years of comprehensive residency application experience with the efficiency of a carefully devised method for maximizing every member’s submitted ERAS Application supporting documents. Every document passes through a research-based and tested procedure that will evaluate for any weaknesses with the use of an exclusive checklist for each document type. Based on the results of the checklist, your document will either receive a thorough revision or review complete with work summaries and notes. Your documents will be returned to you as a strong, integrated package crafted to bring out your very best qualities and help you shine as a unique residency applicant.

Innovative Technology

Residency Experts values your safety, comfort and confidence above all else. All documents are handled safely and securely within the Residency Experts system, supported by SurveyMonkey Apply, to minimize the time you would be spending uploading, downloading, and worrying about sending sensitive and personal information through email. The Residency Experts MyERAS Application Written Content Submission SurveyMonkey form is an innovation in gathering the most vital material for your Residency Expert. The interactive and innovative form will walk you through content submission with Residency Experts exclusive instructions, and additional helpful tips. Once your Residency Expert has finished you will have the written content and tools you need for completing the MyERAS Application in the ERAS System.

Expertise in the field of residency

Every aspect of the Residency Experts ERAS Application services is based on thousands of hours of research, consultation with prominent members of the medical field and residency community and years of residency experience. Residency Experts was developed with the combined years of expertise from partners such as Match A Resident, Residency Statement and Electronic Residency. While Match A Resident provides valuable data and insight into medical residency as a whole, Residency Statement was able to contribute specific observations and comprehension of the multi-faceted Medical Residency Personal Statement, and Electronic Residency’s history of working with residency applications in the Post-Match Scramble was incredibly useful as well. Residency Experts stands on a deep foundation of residency knowledge and experience.

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