About Us

About Us

Every year, medical residency candidates register with AAMC’s® Electronic Residency Application Service® (ERAS®) to complete their application to be submitted to residency programs. Creating the extensive and vastly important residency application is the first step for a medical professional looking to further their US medical career. However, putting together the perfect residency application that can not only paint an engaging picture of an applicant but also overcome any challenges an applicant has faced along their journey is harrowing and monumental task to accomplish alone.  

Residency Experts is the medical residency world’s most comprehensive solution for completing the ERAS residency application. Developed from a deep root of medical residency application experience and years of working directly with residency candidates, Residency Experts aims to deliver only the best ERAS application support with our trained and talented Experts Team, interactive submission system, and absolute dedication to medical residency success.

Our History

When the CEO and Founder of Electronic Residency, Inc., Dr. Musa, started down the road of helping residency candidates achieve their aspirations of moving forward into medical residency, he dreamed of having a one-stop shop service dedicated to providing guidance and comprehensive assistance for the MyERAS Application and the other most important supporting documents that are within the residency candidates’ control. Year and years were spent gathering the knowledge and experience necessary to best help residency candidates with their ERAS application.

Residency Experts was developed based on a deep, intricate history of residency application support. As a branch of Electronic Residency, Inc., Residency Experts is able to benefit from the combined history of each of the partner companies. Match A Resident provided years of insight into the entire residency application process for both International Medical Graduates and US Medical Graduates. Residency Statement provided the opportunity to read, revise and write thousands of Medical Residency Personal Statements. Electronic Residency, the Post-Match SOAP service that originally helped transmit residency applications during the Post-Match Scramble allowed us to read thousands of residency applications to identify what worked well– and what didn’t!

Now, with an extensive understanding of medical residency in hand, Residency Experts is excited to begin helping residency candidates from across the globe achieve their dreams of medical residency in the US.

Our Core Values


Every candidate is unique, and our team of Experts is trained to highlight each individual to help them shine.

Meticulous Motivation

Every single aspect of each supporting document is scrutinized with intricate protocols and development checklists.

Trustworthy Service

As a partner of Match A Resident, and with years of residency experience, residency candidates will know they are in the best of hands.

Efficiency through Innovation

Engaging residency candidates like never before, Residency Experts provides a one-of-a-kind system for submitting and completing supporting documents.

Our Philosophy

The medical residency application isn’t just your average college, or even medical school, application. The residency application is truly nothing short of an art, and it takes an experienced artist to make a masterpiece that will provide the style of confidence and security residency candidates are looking for. The right application can open doors you never thought possible, while an incomplete application could cost you everything.  

We believe no residency candidate should ever lose their chances to gain interviews and Match because of a mistake in their ERAS Application that could have been prevented. This is especially important for the MyERAS Application which is locked for any editing or changes after certification for the entire residency application cycle. That’s why we have thrown absolutely everything we have into creating the most thoroughly researched, detail-oriented and genuinely caring service to take care of our members and their precious ERAS application documents. We are committed to not only just review a small section of your application but to learn as much as we can about you to help you stand out by promoting your unique characteristics and smoothing out any challenges you have faced along the way.

We are 100% dedicated to providing each and every member with residency application content they can not only be proud of, but rest assured in the knowledge they are applying with an absolutely exceptional ERAS Application.

Our Partners in Residency

Residency Experts is proud to be the newest member of the Electronic Residency, Inc. family. With the experience in residency from the Customized Residency Program List Leader, Match A Resident, and the Personal Statement experience from the #1 Personal Statement provider, Residency Statement, Residency Experts is another step towards being able to help residency candidates from point A to point B on their medical residency journey.

We would like to thank the members within the medical residency community for their invaluable guidance and insight into the other side of the medical residency world. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the residency candidate community for the years of trust, communication and cooperation that helped us develop to better suit their needs. We are truly looking forward to growing together and being a part of each member’s ultimate success.   

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