Our Process

What is Residency Experts?

Residency Experts is the premier residency application service that combines the experience, talents and skills of our partners, Match A Resident and Residency Statement in order to bring you the ultimate support in completing the most challenging components of the medical residency ERAS Application.

The ERAS Application Problem

When residency applicants register for the ERAS accounts starting in June of the Residency Application Cycle, they are faced with a mountain of tasks. The ERAS application is one of the largest professional applications, much more substantial than your average college, law school, or even medical school application. In a short time, they will need to:

  • Write one or more specialty specific Medical Residency Personal Statements that have the prose of professionals– regardless of their own writing ability
  • Request multiple documents from several different sources such as their USMLE Transcript, Medical School Transcript, and MSPE
  • Request, re-request and follow up with Letter of Recommendation writers to ensure the letters are well written (you hope) and submitted on time
  • Complete the lengthy MyERAS Application with its many sections, many of them that require more brainstorming and writing if accomplished properly
  • Take and submit a professional but also Instagram-worthy photo for programs to recognize you by
  • Accomplish additional tasks if you are an International Medical Graduate (IMG)

Any one of these tasks can be time-consuming, but the most difficult components of the ERAS application are also the most important and can make or break a residency candidate’s chances when applying to residency programs. All residency candidates worry about how to complete the MyERAS Application, the strength of their Personal Statement(s) and the impression given by their Letters of Recommendation above anything else they tackle while preparing to apply to residency programs, especially if they are running out of time to apply.

Residency Experts is Here to Help

After spending years and years listening to medical residency candidates talk about their ERAS application, reading thousands of Personal Statements through our partner Residency Statement, and conducting hundreds of hours worth of residency application research, Residency Experts is here to help residency candidates put together the absolute strongest ERAS application in three key areas: the MyERAS Application Written Sections, Personal Statement and Letters of Recommendation.

How does the service work?

Each document submitted to Residency Experts will go through a well-crafted protocol to bring out the absolute best.

MyERAS Application

Once you submit your MyERAS Application Written sections, your content will be:

  • Assigned a personal Residency Expert
  • Reviewed for any potential mistakes in the spelling, grammar, and written content using a quality-assured MyERAS Application Protocol Checklist
    • For non-written sections, Expert comments will be provided with suggestions for improvement if needed
    • For written sections, your Expert will edit the content and provide feedback for what was adjusted
  • Delivered, reviewed, edited, and ready to be used during the Application Cycle

Personal Statement

Once you submit your Personal Statement(s), your document(s) will be:

  • Assigned a personal Residency Expert
  • Combed over for any discrepancies in grammar, content, format, and beyond
  • Evaluated using a detailed Personal Statement Protocol Checklist for any missing information that may be the key to your success with prompt questions returned to you to fill in any vital missing pieces
  • Delivered to you completed and ready to use with a Work Summary and copy of the Personal Statement Protocol Checklist

Letters of Recommendation

Once you submit your Letter(s) of Recommendation, your letter(s) will be:

  • Assigned a personal Residency Expert
  • Evaluated according to the Letters of Recommendation Protocol Checklist
  • Reviewed for any mistakes or red flags with the format of the letter, quality of the letter’s content, overall strength of the letter and more
  • Delivered with the Letters of Recommendation Protocol Checklist and a summary with suggestions for improvement if needed

Expert vs. Editor

There is a huge and undisputed difference between working with just an editor versus working with an expert. When you choose to work with Residency Experts, you are not simply working with an editor, you are working with an expert in all things residency and with a strong command of the English language. Your expert is professionally trained to use their skills to get to know you through your submitted application materials by following an ordered procedure, drawing from their residency background and editing skill set to create for you a residency application that reflects only your best professional self.  

Power through Integration

Having a strong ERAS Application does not only lie in the power of each individual piece but also in how well each piece flows together into one perfect picture of you as a qualified and unique applicant. It is one thing for you to introduce and promote yourself through your Personal Statement, but imagine an application where you Letters of Recommendation content supports what you are writing in your Personal Statement.

Rewriting Life's Challenges

The road to residency does not always run as smoothly as one would hope. For any number of reasons and personal circumstances, challenges can arise such as additional USMLE exam attempts or low USMLE scores, an interruption in your medical education or professional work history, a gap in your medical education, a lack of US clinical experience, or any other residency red flag that you will have to explain in your ERAS Application. But, don’t worry! The Residency Experts team is trained in how to best frame your bumps in the road to not only explain the situation but also use it as an example of your resilience, and strength as a residency applicant.

Dedicated, Unlimited Assistance

The ultimate goal of Residency Experts is to give our members confidence through peace of mind. To aid in achieving that goal, we pledge to be available to answer your questions or concerns whether it’s about the residency application or the Residency Experts process, you will always have someone to reach out to. Having support during your residency application cycle can make a world of difference, and we are happy to help!

Have questions? We’d love to hear from you! For more information, Contact Us