Residency Document Editing

Writing Residency Letters of Recommendation

Review & Editing

The best residency candidates understand that every single aspect of their application holds great weight with programs. For example, Letters of Recommendation are consistently ranked as one of the most important factors by Program Directors when deciding which candidates to send interview invitations to. Additionally, every communication with a program can impact your chances of Matching. That is why professional Document Editing is such a valuable service. It can greatly assist with strengthening Letters of Interest, Follow Up Letters, Letters of Intent, Thank You Letters, Cover Letters, and more.

Residency Document Editing is designed to help optimize the content and impact of these critical supporting documents. And we do not simply edit – we will help make your documents shine! Every item submitted for editing will reach its highest potential via Residency Experts’ Document Editing Service.


Tailored to Your Needs

Each document and letter of communication for residency programs has a specific function and role. In order to succeed as a candidate, you need to make sure every one of these is fulfilling its purpose. Residency Experts helps you deliver the most powerful LoRs, persuasive Follow Up Letters, and memorable Cover Letters – all based on your needs and expectations.

Protocol-Based Optimization

We’ve built protocol-based systems to ensure quality, while the experience of our Experts lends to a refined art incorporated into our craft. Why just edit when you can optimize? Residency Experts does not sacrifice quality for speed – we simply give you both.

Backed By Experience

With 17 years in the residency application field, our team has an intimate understanding of how each layer in a residency candidates’ documents should all weave together to create a seamless applicant profile. Your LoRs and your communication with programs need to be personal, persuasive, and refined, yet eloquent. Residency Experts will help you deliver just that.


Get your Residency Documents edited and perfected – quickly, professionally, and reliably.

Step 1: Get Started

Create your account to access our innovative platform. Then, go to “Programs” and choose Residency Document Editing Service. Name your Document in order to proceed.

Step 2: Upload & Submit

Next, upload the contents of your document into your chosen Solution Package. Be sure to leave a detailed note to your Editor. Once paid, you can submit your materials for editing and optimization.

Step 3: Expert Editing & Optimization

Throughout the review, your Expert will determine if any crucial information is missing based on the Protocol for the specific document type. If that is the case, they may send you some supplemental questions that will be used to complete the Document Editing. Be sure to keep an eye on your email as the faster you answer, the faster the work can be completed.

Step 4: Delivery

Your fully edited Document will be returned to you in addition to a Work Summary and any final notes.


How do I get started?

To get started with Residency Experts for your Residency Documents, you will need to first create your account. Second, go to “Programs” and choose Residency Document Editing Service. Finally, submit your Note to Editor and Document for review and editing.

What does the service do for my Residency Document?

We will edit for spelling, grammar, syntax, word choice, prose, flow, and more. We will ensure your document exceeds expectations and superbly fulfills its function and role within your application process.

Is there a size or length limit for Document Editing?

Yes – Documents should be 1,000 words or under in order for us to edit them.

What is the expected turnaround time?

Turnaround for Document Editing is typically 2-3 business days. However, this does not include any delays if an Editor has reached out to a client and must wait for more information or clarifications. As such, make sure your ‘Note to Editor’ is extremely detailed and precise.

Do you offer discounts for multiple Documents?

No, $99 per document is already a significantly discounted rate. At this time, we do not offer further discounts for multiple Documents.

How many Documents can I submit?

Each Document Editing Solution Package is for one document only. Multiple Documents/Letters must be submitted individually.

Do you edit MSPEs?

No, at this time we do not currently offer editing for MSPEs.

Top 5 Most Common Mistakes

Sending informal or inappropriate Letters of Communication

Do you know what is expected for Follow Up Letters, Letters of Interest, Cover Letters, and beyond? Our Experts do. That is why getting professional editing and feedback can help fix areas in your Letters that demand improvement.

Sending Letters of Communication containing mistakes

All communication with residency programs is expected to be professional and refined. Don’t send Follow Up Letters that have errors in spelling or mistakes with grammar and syntax.

All your LoRs sound like the same person wrote them

Sound familiar? If you’ve been asked to pen your own LoRs, Expert Editing is highly advised. This will help ensure dynamic content, engaging themes, and a diversity in style which helps reduce the impression of one person (yourself) having written all your Letters of Recommendation.

Lacking specialty-specific Letters of Recommendation

Residency programs expect to see a minimum of one specialty-specific LoR. We can help tailor and craft LoRs to the specialty for which they are intended.

Using poorly written Letters of Recommendation

LoRs are one of the most significant factors for obtaining residency interviews. Having sloppy LoRs leaves a poor impression on Program Directors. Make sure yours are flawless and professional.