international medical graduates ECFMG pathways to US medical residency

ECFMG Pathways: Breaking Down Each Pathway

The journey to practice medicine in the United States for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) begins with the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). Achieving ECFMG certification is a vital step for IMGs seeking residency and licensure in the U.S. This key step verifies that IMGs have the necessary education and credentials for U.S. residency…

residency interview season

5 Things You Should Be Doing During Residency Interview Season

The residency interview season is an exciting and challenging time. Interview invitations spark the fires of hope while rejections can be a source of disappointment and uncertainty.  In order to maintain constructive and effective attitudes and actions during the residency interview season, there are several ideas and tasks applicants need to keep in mind. We…