Shaikha D.

I would like to thank Residency Experts. You made my life easier. My reviewer was really helpful and approached me to clarify part of my CV to reword it a better way but at the same time ensured that she was not missing anything. I am impressed about the authenticity and honesty of the reviewer I worked with. In the end, my ERAS application was the way I wanted it to be, and people were impressed about it.

Nyasha E.

I was very pleased with the professional service provided by El from Residency Experts. She reviewed my ERAS application and I received my feedback in 1-2 days as promised. The editing was thorough including whether my photo was acceptable. I appreciated the feedback on why certain wording was changed and is preferred as well as where I could improve by adding more details. I felt very confident when submitting my application and would definitely recommend the service to others.

Arnabi S.

Thanks a lot for the reviewed application.
Maureen did an incredible job. I am really grateful for all the advice.
I will do the necessary modifications, as suggested, before I upload the application.

Andrew B.

I wanted to thank Dana, my editor for editing me such a wonderfully clear and concise version of my application. She did an excellent job and I will be SURE to recommend you guys to medical students in the future looking to get ahead in their application. Thank you so much!

Jasmine K.

Thank you so much! Lee did an incredible job of turning my application around and it looks beautiful now! I’ll definitely be recommending your services to everyone that I come across who is struggling.

Sabri A.

I would like to express my gratitude for your great help and support. I appreciate your valuable feedback and input which have made remarkable enhancements in my application and personal statement. I feel more confident in my application package hoping to increase the strength of my candidacy.

Noura E.

Hello – I am writing in order to thank the person who worked on my ERAS application materials. No matter the outcome of the residency match process this cycle, I am confident that the edits provided (especially the personal statement additions) showcase my academic accomplishments in the best possible light. I am very appreciative of the time and thoughtful consideration that was clearly put forth to produce the final version I received. I feel that the money I invested was well-spent and I am very grateful.

Neel T.

Thank you so much for your consideration and understanding- I really appreciate it! That just goes to show how dedicated you and your team are to making sure that your customers leave feeling happy and confident! Your customer service has been incredible and I am glad I reached out to you as you truly did resolve all of my concerns!

Maria O.

Residency Experts saved my life. I bought the application Solution Package 1 and after the review and corrections made by the specialist, I realized how many mistakes I had made and why I failed to get more interviews and why I will finally be able to match. After the review, I was invited to do a rotation. I panicked! So, I sent an email to Residency Experts to see if they could help me make the grammar corrections to be able to add that new experience to my application. After all, my application was perfectly written thanks to them and I didn’t want to make any mistakes! They responded to me almost instantaneously! Thank you for helping me out!

“THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for your help.”

Dagmar L.

My experience with your service was just wonderful. It was easy to use the service and your work was excellent. I have to say that I didn’t feel confident about filling out some parts of the application because I didn’t know what to include, what would be something to leave out or something to emphasize. You did a great job there and had very helpful tips for me, besides editing everything I already wrote. After getting your review back and changing parts of my application, I felt absolutely confident about it