9 Ways to Improve Your Residency Application

Everyone knows it. Applying to medical residency in the United States is highly competitive and challenging. So how can you make the most of your residency application? Below you will find straightforward and easily applicable strategies to optimize your residency application, helping you get ahead of the curve and leading the pack this season.


9 Ways to Improve Your Residency Application


1 . Begin early

Starting as early on in the season is critical for developing a sense of preparedness and confidence, which are critical to your overall success.


2. Research the application process

The residency application process is often confusing, overwhelming, and can be discouraging if you don’t know how it works. For example, learning how long certain supporting documents take to acquire is as important as knowing who provides them and where they are uploaded.

For the AAMC’s complete MyERAS User Guide, go to – https://www.aamc.org/download/473238/data/myerasresidencyuserguide.pdf


3. Develop a plan of action

Having a plan of action provides a roadmap for the maze up ahead. Understanding the residency timeline is critical for staying ahead of schedule and completing your application thoroughly and on time.

Plan ahead for residency success – https://residencyexperts.com/planning-ahead-for-residency-application-success/


4. Start your personal statements as soon as possible

Nothing is worse than scrambling to get a sloppily written personal statement together during the first weeks of September. A well-crafted personal statement is like a gourmet meal; it takes time to prepare. So start brainstorming ahead of time and make sure to get the professional help you’ll need.

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5. Consider how you will obtain the strongest, preferably US-based Letters of Recommendation

Begin thinking about requesting Letters of Recommendation as early as May, June and July. This will help give you time to prepare for meetings with potential authors as well as understand their unique expectations from you during the process.

Learn how to obtain the best Letters of Recommendation – https://residencyexperts.com/letters-recommendation-1/

Learn how to craft LoRs if you’ve been asked to do so – https://residencyexperts.com/lor-authorship-guide/


6. Start researching compatible programs early on

Even a strong residency application, if presented to incompatible programs, is a waste. Make sure you are applying to the right programs by beginning your research as soon as possible.

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7. Begin the MyERAS Application soon after it opens

Starting filling out the MyERAS Application early will help you develop familiarity, research best approaches, and make sure that your application is complete, perfectly edited, and ready when they go out on September 15th.


8. Utilize professional Application Editing, Feedback, and Review

The MyERAS Application comes with little instruction on how to fill out each section, what to include, what not to include, how to organize it, and more questions go undirected. That’s why it is important to utilize Expert Editing and Review.  We will help make sure your application is perfectly edited, professional, and most importantly, persuasive.

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9. Submit your application completely, on time, and accurately, according to program requirements.

Pay special attention to the directions for each program. For example, some require an LoR from a Program Director, while others request 4 LoRs instead of 3. Additionally, some specialties may have specific requirements, like the Standardized Video Interview for Emergency Medicine candidates.


Have questions about your application this season? Leave a comment below and leave the rest to the Experts!


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