Bullets or Paragraphs in MyERAS Experiences Section?

The process of completing the MyERAS Application can be confusing and stressful. To make matters worse, the advice you receive is often conflicting. One of the most difficult sections of the MyERAS Application to fill out is the Experiences section. Below, we will discuss how to write and format this section successfully.

What should be included in the Experiences Section of the MyERAS Application?

The experiences portion allows you to input your additional experience that wasn’t expressed in the rest of your application. Keep this in mind, and avoid detailing experiences included in your Personal Statement or MSPE. It is helpful to focus on important moments that affected your medical journey.

Next, you will divide your experiences (clinical, work, teaching, research, extracurriculars, and volunteer) into three categories: work, research, and volunteer. You should include all of your relevant past to show residency programs examples of your skill, as well as experiences outside of clinical training. Additionally, it does not need to be specialty specific. 

How can I organize the MyERAS Application Experiences Section?

Now that you’ve identified the experiences to include, you may be confused about how to structure your description. Most commonly used formats are either short, detailed paragraphs or bullet points.

In addition to a description, you will need to provide preliminary details for each experience. You do not need to repeat these details in your description. 

 Required Preliminary Details:

  • Organization
  • Position
  • Supervisor (if applicable)
  • Location
  • Average hours/Week
  • Date of beginning to end

There is also the option to address the Reason for Leaving, if applicable. Keep this concise. If you ended an experience early, briefly explain how this helped you grow. As it best not to leave any sections blank, if you are presently engaged in a position, your response can be as simple as, “Ongoing.”

Are Bullets or Paragraphs better in the Experiences Section?

The most important part of the experiences section is clearly explaining your experiences. That is why we recommend you use a very detailed resume-style paragraph that includes what you learned, and how you learned it. Paragraphs appear more professional, in addition to telling a story.

The major benefit of using paragraphs over bullet points is it gives the reader more personal perspective. This is because you aren’t just listing details, you are reflecting and sharing an important aspect of yourself. Be sure that you are using clear, complete sentences to get your point across. Another advantage of writing in paragraphs is you pull the reader in, so they aren’t just skimming your application. Writing in paragraph form helps you stand out more, as you can highlight why these experiences are unique.

Lastly, do not underestimate this section and rush it. TAKE YOUR TIME! Do not certify until you are ready, as no edits will be allowed after. Be sure to check your grammar and spelling.

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