Should I Include Clerkships in ERAS Application Experiences

medical school clerkships ERAS Application

Residency applicants often wonder about their medical school rotations. Should they include such clerkships in the MyERAS Application Experiences Section?

In this article, we will discuss a few scenarios when it is appropriate to include medical school clerkships in MyERAS. But first, let’s start by saying that it is almost never necessary to list all your clerkships in your ERAS Application, should you feel the need to include any.

When NOT to Include Clerkships?

Don’t include your clerkships if you –

  1. Are more than 1-2 years since graduation of medical school
  2. Have significant other medically related Work Experiences
  3. Have a detailed and thorough MSPE

When TO Include Clerkships?

You may wish to include some of your clerkships (not necessarily all) if you –

  1. Have an MSPE that lacks detail, or it is completely missing (both cases are more common for IMGs)
  2. Are within 1-2 years since graduating medical school and/or you do not have other relevant medical experiences to include in your ERAS Application
  3. Have an MSPE and Work Experiences, but you want to highlight specialty-specific rotations that you have completed

The Bottom Line About Clerkships

The ERAS Application is dense with information already. As such, it’s best to avoid repeating content throughout your application. If at all, certain aspects and experiences should support and integrate one another throughout MyERAS.

If you have a detailed MSPE, there is little reason to include your clerkships as Work Experiences. However, if you are missing your MSPE or have no other medical Work Experiences to draw from, it is acceptable to highlight a few of your most relevant medical school rotations in your ERAS Application.

Remember, be specific, and be concise. If you choose to include medical school rotations, be sure to explain the type of clinical environment, procedures practiced, areas of learning, and any other pertinent details to make the experience most meaningful.

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