Supplemental ERAS Application: Other Impactful Experiences

When you complete the Supplemental ERAS Application there is a chance to share more detail and context about who you are. The written portion is called past experiences, and is divided into two sections. The other impactful experiences section allows 750 characters and can include more personal details about hardships you have overcome on your road to residency. Below, we will share who should complete this section and how to use it to your advantage.

How Should the Other Impactful Experiences Portion be Utilized?

The goal is to create a unified message throughout your application, and give a well-rounded view of the applicant. You can share any impactful experiences(if applicable) that affected your journey to residency. This is not required, but allows you to give context about aspects of your life not mentioned in the rest of your application.

These experiences could be related to family, financial, or educational background, the community setting in which you grew up, or general life circumstances. Again, this question is not intended for all applicants. Do not just think of an experience to fill it with. Carefully consider whether this question is helpful to you. In the 2022 ERAS cycle, about 30% of applicants did not reply to this question.

The other impactful experience essay should not repeat information from your MSPE, meaningful experiences or personal statement. While there may be overlap in the experiences mentioned across the application, try to avoid repeating yourself. Provide additional details and a personal point of view. 

What Experiences Should Be Included?

This is a chance to share with a program what you’re passionate about, how your experiences and interests align with program goals, and your ability to self-reflect. Demonstrating growth and introspection is important, if you choose to complete this section. You can provide a brief description of the experience, but keep your message focused on how it shaped you.

Do not try to fill this section with a cookie-cutter experience that is surface level. Programs are seeking a variety of applicants, not one type of applicant. They are trying to build a strong, well-rounded team of residents. In other words, applicants who are passionate about different areas and have characteristics that are helpful to residency. 

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