Updating Your Supporting Documents for the Post-Match SOAP

With Match Week approaching quickly, applicants begin to contemplate the chances they may have to participate in the Post-Match SOAP. Understandably, the Post-Match is not anyone’s ideal way of Matching.

However, those most prepared are most likely to succeed. Understanding the Post-Match SOAP process is one piece of the puzzle. The other half is correctly updating and preparing your application.

Updating Supporting Documents for the Post-Match SOAP

If you may be applying through the Post-Match SOAP, it is important that you take the time to update all your supporting documents. Of course, you can’t change your MyERAS Application once it has been certified. However, you can make sure your Personal Information and contact details are up-to-date.

Additionally, there are two documents you should also consider updating: your Personal Statements and your Letters of Recommendation.

Personal Statements

You can update your Personal Statement and resubmit it to programs at any point throughout the season. As such, preparing an updated Personal Statement for the Post-Match SOAP is also a great idea. Perhaps, you have new experiences to reflect on. More likely, however, you may be applying to additional specialties that you did not necessarily prepare for during the Main Residency Match.

Letters of Recommendation

Although most prospective residents apply during the summer, many of them participate in strong US Clinical Experiences (USCE) after applying. Unfortunately, potentially strong LoRs from these experiences will not be included in their primary application.

But, leveraging this USCE is a great way to boost your SOAP application. As such, keep the following in mind:

  • Request your LoRs as early as possible
  • Seek specialty-specific LoRs for all specialties you may apply to
  • Make sure to upload your LoRs promptly, as there is a significant processing time
  • If your LoRs are unwaived (and perhaps poorly written), get professional LoR Editing Assistance

Other Supporting Documents

Additionally, prospects for the Post-Match SOAP should ensure they have:

  • Updated and reauthorized their USMLE Transcripts
  • Confirmed ECFMG Certification eligibility by the week before Match Week
  • Updated their ERAS Photograph if it was not originally a professional headshot

Post-Match Resources

For additional SOAP resources, you should visit Electronic Residency to explore:

So, if you are considering the Post-Match SOAP, remember to thoroughly research the process and update your application as much as possible. That way, you’ll be best prepared to Match! We wish everyone the best of luck!