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As the 2018-19 Medical Residency Application Cycle draws nearer, it is time to start thinking about your residency application. There are all kinds of residency candidates, each with their own unique set of circumstances who will be preparing to face the rigorous residency application process.

For example, there are usually three main types of applicants:

  1. New residency applicants who are starting their first residency application cycle
  2. Repeat applicants who will be applying for another subsequent year
  3. Returning applicants who may have taken some time away from applying for residency but are coming back to try again

No matter how much or how little experience you have with applying for residency, the ERAS residency application poses many challenges and requires a lot of time, knowledge and effort to put together. The residency application process and components are ever-changing, leaving any residency candidate feeling anywhere from lost, overwhelmed, or even paranoid, about the quality of their application.

But wait, help is on the way!    

The partners of Electronic Residency, Inc., have been working with residency candidates and helping them navigate through different aspects of the treacherous residency application for over 14 years (and counting!).

Match A Resident has been providing Customized Residency Program Lists and dedicated residency candidate coaching and consultation since the beginning.

Residency Statement has been giving residency candidates confidence by either editing or helping members write their perfect medical residency Personal Statements.  

Electronic Residency began as a Post-Match Scramble application distribution service and later transformed into a powerful Post-Match SOAP compatibility search engine and SOAP educational resource.

Now, we are excited to introduce a new chapter in the Electronic Residency, Inc., saga: Residency Experts!

What is Residency Experts?

Residency Experts is a medical residency application supporting documents service that was developed to help residency candidates with three of the most important written aspects of the ERAS Application: the MyERAS Application Written Sections such as the Work/Research/Volunteer descriptions, Hobbies Section, Awards/Membership section and any other section that needs to be written, Personal Statement, and Letters of Recommendation. (With a complimentary review of your ERAS photo!)  

What services do you provide?

Residency Experts provides three key services:

  1. MyERAS Application Written Section Review & Editing (with Complimentary Photograph Review & Feedback)
  2. Personal Statement Review & Editing
  3. Letters of Recommendation Review & Feedback

With each of the services, your supporting documents must pass through the most strict procedures. These include review, editing or feedback based on exclusive Protocol Checklists created for each document type.

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